[Vietsub] Kyuhyun’s solo in 2011 Seoul KRY Concert – That Man

[Vietsub] Masquerade – Kyuhyun ft. Jungmo in Immortal Song 2

[Vietsub] Kyuhyun’s solo – The way of breaking up – Poseidon OST

[Vietsub] With you – Kyuhyun’s perf in Immortal Song 2

[Vietsub/Fancam] Donghae’s solo – Nice and Slow

[Vietsub/MV] Scotty McCreery – I love you this big

[Vietsub] Thousand Years of Love – DBSK

[Vietsub] SS3 in Japan ChulHae duet – Sekai ni Hitotsu dake no hana

[Vietsub] SM Town in Paris – Super Junior – Don’t Don (Kara with Heechul’s rap)

[Vietsub] Where is our promised happiness – Siwon’s solo at 110606 SJ-M fanmeeting

[Vietsub] Superman & Mr. Simple – 110805 Super Junior’s Comeback Special @ Music Bank

[Vietsub/Fanvid] Good Friends – Super Junior 5jib

[Vietsub/MV] Mr. Simple – Super Junior 5jib title track

[Vietsub] The More I Love – Yesung @ Immortal Song 2

[Vietsub] Close Ur Mouth – M & D (Super Junior Heechul & Trax Jungmo)

[Vietsub] The end is coming – 8eight

[Vietsub] 090717 Sketchbook Kyuhyun’s full cut – “7 years of love” performance

[Vietsub/Fancam] Kyuhyun’s “solo” concert @ 110521 SJ-M Fansign Event

[Vietsub/Perf] Kyuhyun – That Man (KRY Concert @ Seoul)

[Vietsub/Perf] Super Junior M – Destiny & Perfection

[Vietsub] DBSK Changmin – I love you

[Vietsub] Kyuhyun – If You Have Heard

[Vietsub] Super Junior K.R.Y. – Words of the West Winds – Lời gió Tây

[Vietsub] Long time no see – Kangin ft. Kyuhyun @ Tablo Radio Dream

[Vietsub/Fanmade] Super Junior K.R.Y. – Fly

[Vietsub/MV] DBSK Before U Go – Full version 16 mins


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