[Trans fic] Endless World (Introduction)

Title: Endless World (standalone)

Author: stupidrhapsody

Translator: LucHuong

Original link:

Pairing/Characters: Kyuwon a.k.a Kyuhyun/Siwon Super Junior
Rating: PG-13
Summary: A story about a guy with his significant other.
Disclaimer: I’m the real shisus ye people moaning about on tumblr. No, really.

Author Notes: My bro kewl: akireshee

3, 983 words unbeta’d. Another ambitious fics of mine. Started writing this in January, way before those Kyuwon/Wonkyu waves come from Super Show Concert 3. Gah. I remember being hopeless on communities and even Grandpa Google didn’t really help when I typed ‘pairing: kyuhyun/siwon’. I swear. Anyway, don’t be discouraged with how I post this, k? I’m kinda bored with the normal sequence. Somehow, Siwon’s religious side is showing up a lot in here. Also, comments are appreciated. To Kyuwon’s glory, and beyond \o/ Have a nice day.

p.s. uh, yo, silent readers/visitors *wave* thanks for taking your time to stumble across my LJ ahey.

i-i-is this real life? please translate this, my friend, please. god. that was a big surprise for me. I can’t even. god.

I just feel that love does not need a reason. When it comes to love, it’s just about meeting the right person at the right time 🙂
this. so. fucking. much. that’s how I see the kyuwon in my mind. I tried to not spoil this fic with too much tears, you know? and I can just picturing my fic as a movie. korean-style movie. like, korean movies are all ‘serene-slow-beautiful’ dammit. I want cho kyuhyun and choi siwon as the actors lololool.

again , thanks so much for reading.


Lời người dịch: Đây là một fan fic khá thú vị, được chia thành nhiều đoạn nhỏ đánh số thứ tự từ i, ii, iii… nhưng được sắp xếp không theo thứ tự thời gian, nhưng đọc cũng rất hay. Mình sẽ dịch theo đúng thứ tự lộn xộn trong fic, sau khi xong bạn nào muốn đọc theo thứ tự thì cứ đọc từ i, ii, iii… cho đến hết.

Enjoy reading!


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